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What necromancy really is? The word necromancy comes from the Greek words nekros (dead) and manteia (divination), which means it’s about the kind of magic that has to do principally with the dead.

Nowadays when we are referred to necromancy we commonly mean one specific technique, the one of invocating the dead, the truth is that necromancy is much more than that.

The roots of necromancy are found very deep in the history of mankind as our species since the ancient times has been trying to contact with beloved persons that have died or even ask for help and protection from our ancestors.

Accordingly to each region this kind of magic has evolved differently and has gained different elements.

In the modern developed world the practice of this kind or any other kind of magic is not accepted from the majority of people, yet if we study the techniques applied from the persons called mediums, we will find vivid elements of the necromancy’s basic “idea”.