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Nowadays there is a slight number of  original necromancers in the developed world and even more less known for their abilities. Unlike the developed world their appearance is something very common in the primitive tribes where necromancy is found in its clearest form. Those practicing it are accepted as significant persons.

These tribes still believe in the power of magic which is also the core of their lives, there the basic idea of necromancy is preserved untouched.  

Unlike the above, in the developed world the term magic sounds like something  unrealistic and is practiced from very few people that actually, most of the times have nothing to do with it. Especially when it's about the specific kind of magic which is the most convicted one, its easy to imagine that even when we meet it, it will be very deferent. For example persons called mediums use techniques with many elements of necromancy.

An example that should be reported is the one of a famous psychic  of TV that was recently accused for practicing necromancy.

In general , it is easy to find elements of this kind of magic but real representatives are hard to find.